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Forestry Timocke sume

Hunting ground "Stara Planina I" extends along the border with Bulgaria, on an area of 10,970 hectares. It belongs to a group of hill-mountain type hunting grounds. A large number of endemic plants and animals like european deer, roe deer and wild boar give this hunting ground a special charm.

Hunting ground "Deli Jovan" is located in the east of Serbia, between Donji Milanovac and Negotin. In this hill-mountain type hunting ground, which covers an area of 13,152 hectares, one can hunt european deer, wild boar and roe deer. There is a 500 hectares of fenced hunting ground exclusively for wild boar. In addition to hunting, there is also opportunity for fishing on Danube, visits to hydroelectric powerplant Djerdap, and Lepenski Vir, an archeological find from Neolithic times.

Hunting ground "Alija" is located near Negotin. It occupies the beautiful landscapes of mountain terrain, and covers an area of 2,000 hectares. This area is famous for its vineyards. Guests of the hunting ground can use the enclosed hunting area of 300 hectares for hunting fallow deer and mouflon, and roe deer in an open area. The hunting area is located near Negotin, the birthplace of the greatest Serbian composer Stevan Mokranjac. In the villages Rajac and Rogljevo are situated famous ale-house Negotin.

Hunting ground "Zlotska suma – Crni Vrh", extends to 15,447 hectares of hill-mountain region in eastern Serbia. It is situated at the village of Zlot near the town of Bor. The most popular hunting carp is "Dubasnica", a fenced hunting area of 800 hectares, in which one can hunt mouflon, european deer and fallow deer. On the open part of the hunting area there are roe dears, wild boars and chamois.

Hunting ground "Rtanj" is located near Boljevci. The hunting area includes the mountainous area of 6,368 hectares. Guests of the hunting area "Rtanj" can hunt doe and wild boar. Alongside the beautiful landscapes (the geographer Jovan Cvijic called Rtanj one of the most beautiful mountains in Serbia), and various plant species which make the famous "Rtanj Tea", Sokobanja is particulary attractive for guests of this hunting ground, which is one of the most important spa centers in our country.

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