2.5. Banat region - Banat

Banat region is constituted of two vineyards, and is located in Banat. It consists out of oasis grouped in Kikinda vineyards and Central Banat vineyards. 


2.5. Banatski rejon - Banat

Region expands from 45° 53' geographic latitude on the north (most northern oasis) to 45° 12' geographic latitude on the south (most south oasis), on altitudes from 70 m to 80 m, and represents one of the lowest regions, except from the south region, Tamis terrace.

Includes municipalities of Kikinda, Zrenjanin and Novi Becej.

Region belongs to lowland area of pallid vegetation, with predominant arable crops, where chernozem is the main type of soil. Next to arable crops,  landscape of Tamis terrace is also characterized by the river Tamis and orchards.


Banat region includes the following vineyards:

2.5.1. Kikinda vineyards – Kikinda,

2.5.2. Central Banat vineyards - Srednji Banat.