Aleksinac municipality is located in the southeastern part of Serbia. Plain lies in the valley of the South Morava river, and in the lower part of the valley of the river Moravica that city splits Aleksinac in two. These areas were land link between Europe and Asia from the earliest times. Great armies went throught them, because the famous Constantinopole road went there. Aleksinac was first formed at the foot of Gradiste hill, where it moved to its current location. Name Aleksinac was first documented in 1513.

Aleksinac has had great importance during the Serbian-Turkish wars of 1804-1813, and 1876-1878. During the First Serbian Uprising, a fortress Deligrad was built nine miles from Aleksinac, where Serbian Army claimed a significant victory over the Turkish army in 1806. During the war with Turkey in 1876-1878. the seat of Prince Milan Obrenovic was in Aleksinac. A famous Battle of Sumatovac won by the Serbs took place there.


Temple of St. Nicholas is located in the city center, and Gornji Adrovac not far away is the Church of St. Trinity, founded by the family of Colonel Nikolai Nikolayevich Rajevski, who was killed there. Originally, his body was buried in the churchyard of the monastery of St. Roman, but the remains were later transferred and buried in the family grave in his native place Razumovka. It is interesting that Colonel Rajevski, as a great hero and lover, served as a prototype for Leo Tolstoy when he created the character of Vronjski in the novel Anna Karenina.

Monastery of St. Stevan is located at the foot of the mountain Leskovik, more than six centuries old, with a very nicely decorated guest room, and a hall for about hundred visitors. Above the monastery are the remains of the medieval town of Lipovac.

Bovansko Lake is located between Aleksinac and Soko Banja. On the banks on both sides of the lake located between several high hills great new beaches rose.

There are Roman forts (Presidium Pompei and Grapianum), and the medieval fortresses (Bolvan, Petrus, Lipovac, Gradac, Korman, Kulin).

the first Teacher Training School in Serbia was founded here, the first telegraph line was established (from here to Belgrade), Aleksinac basement was built as a ‘forerunner of Serbian beer production’. There are high school and a library, ore than 140 years old.