Boljevac Municipality is a municipality in the district of Zajecar, with center in the town of the same name. It stretches between mountain ranges of Kucaj, Samanjac, Rtanj, Tumbe, Slemen, and Tupiznica.

Boljevac is first mentioned in written documents from 1455, in the Turkish census. Of course, it is the present village, since the town created in the eighteenth century.


Tourist potentials of Boljevac municipality are extremely interesting, especially for the adventurers and nature lovers. For nature lovers, adventurers, hikers and visitors, Rtanj represents a special challenge. Traditional Vidovdan climb on Rtanj is one of the most beautiful night climbs, and brings together hundreds of mountaineers and recreationists from all over Serbia. Famous Rtanj’s tea is coming just from these premises, and every year, the event called ‘Berba rtanjskog caja’ is traditionally held.

Of the other natural beauties we should note Bogovinska cave (the longest speleological facility in Serbia with its 5 km of the knows corridor). There are many attractive springs (Spring Black Timok in Krivi Vir, Spring Lozica and Buk, Lukovski hot spring...). In the village of Krivi Vir, near Boljevac, is the old municipal building built in 1840, in which preparations for Timok rebellion were made.

Boljevac municipality has three monasteries (Lozica, Lapusnja and Krepicevac), of which only Lozica monastery is active .There is a Museum of Timok rebellion in the town, with the original setting exhibits about the famous historical events from the nineteenth century.

Boljevac municipality, and other municipalities in Eastern Serbia abound in cultural events of mainly local character, but the most important is "Crnorecje" - the festival of national creativity, which every year gathers an increasing number of visitors, and is on the road to turn into a real national event.