Vladimirci municipality is located in Central Serbia, and belongs to Macva district. Municipal center is the town of Vladimirci. History records the evidence of life developed in this area in prehistoric period, and of the Roman Empire. Upon arrival of the South Slavs, this area became the subject of powerful conflict between Byzantium and Hungary.

Town Vladimirci is recent settlement, first mentioned during the occupation of northern Serbia by Austria-Hungary army in the census from 1718 (Peace Treaty from 1718, Sabac and environment went under the Austrian administration, and remained so until the 1739th, after which it falls under Turkish rule once again).

When it comes to culture, it is necessary to mention:

  • Library ‘Disa Antic’
  • Jalovac art colony, the real treasure of artworks made by ocal and forein painters and sculptors
  • Monastery Kaona from the end of the fourteenth century is of special value, raised by the sister of Milos Obilic, according to tradition – Iconium
  • Building Konak, pearl of the cultural heritage of Vladimirovac built in Vladimirovac in 1851 by decree of Prince Alexandar Karadjordjevic, as the local county of that time