Vrbas municipality is situated in Vojvodina, and belongs to the South Backa District. Municipal center is the city of Vrbas. It is bordered by the municipalities: Kula, Mali Idjos, Srbobran, Temerin, Novi Sad, Backa Palanka and Odzaci.

History of Vrbas is very long. Thanks to archaeological research on sites: Carnok, Suvakov Salas, and brickyard Polet, much of the past of Vrbas is clear. Vrbas was established in 1213, as the seat of possession of two noblemen called “Orbaspalotaja”. The first mention in written sources of Vrbas date from 1387. In the nineteenth century, Vrbas grown in industrial-handicraft trade center.

Culture and events:

  • History of this region is testified by a rich collection in the Native City Museum, where large number of archeological and ethnological items could be found.
  • The most beautiful architectural buildings in the city are house of culture, museum, Orthodox and Catholic churches, and high scool.
  • Hunting in the municipality of Vrbas has long tradition. The most important, and the best equipped hounting ground is on the land of Savino village. Hunting ground Kucura is specialized in hunting rabbits.
  • Youth poetry festival
  • Marigold festival of poets for children
  • Memorial Sirman Karoly
  • Art fair