Zabari municipality is located in Central Serbia, and belongs to Branicevo district. Municipal center is the town of Zabari. Zabari become first the municipality in 1839, and the town in 1882. After the Second World War there was Zabar’s canton within the county, and after the reorganization in 1955 it became municipality.

Thanks to its geographical location and natural beauty of this area, it is very attractive to hunters, because the entire area of the municipality is a unique variety of game reserve. Its proximity to Velika Morava offers great fishing potential, and opportunities for rural tourism are more then outstanding.

Nearby are two churches, one of which is lodge from the time of the First Serbian Uprising, built in 1805, and the other was built in 1854, which was the third largest church in Serbia in that time, after the Cathedral Church in Belgrade, and one in Smederevo.


- “Village meetings”

- Festival of Folklore assemblies of the village of Branicevo and Podunavlje county